Patient, Fine, Balanced, & Kind


  • When I was little my dad told me about when he lived in Panama as a child, he would never leave the house without his butterfly net. According to him, there were butterflies everywhere and he loved catching them, & shortly setting them free.

    After hearing that, I begged my grandma to buy me a butterfly catcher for my birthday. She bought it for me, and I stood out in my backyard for hours and hours, staring up at the sky, waiting for butterflies. I waited out there for so long, in fact, that it drove me to great frustration. I went into the house and cried my eyes out to my dad, and asked him why he got so lucky to catch so many butterflies, when I couldn’t even see one. 

    He then explained saying, “Kameryn, do you want to know the reason why you didn’t see any butterflies today? Butterflies are beautiful, don’t you agree? You are also beautiful, don’t you agree? Butterflies are also very jealous creatures and don’t like to be around anything that might take away from their beauty, and you would do that to them. So if you never see a butterfly in your lifetime, you know why: It’s because you’re beautiful.”